What is Queer Women Game?

We’re a network of queer women and nonbinary people who play games, stream, and are looking for like-minded people to network with. The network is designed to help promote queer women and nonbinary people who stream and help them form connections and friendships with other queer women and nonbinary people who game and stream.

Why should I join?

By joining, you can

  • Make friends
  • Find new, awesome streamers
  • Find like-minded viewers for your stream
  • And help us build a supportive community of queer women and nonbinary people who game!

Do you have to be a streamer to join?

If you play video games of any kind love art or want to find other people who enjoy watching content on Twitch then you are welcome in our discord community whether you stream or not, but you must be a streamer in order to join our directory and be placed on the QWG channel’s auto host list and team page.

Is there a Twitch Team I can join?

YES! Once you are approved as a QWG streamer you will be invited to join our team page, which you can see here.

Do I have to be publicly out?

No, not at all. You can still join the discord chat even if you’re not publicly out.

I’m not a cis woman, can I still join?

QWG absolutely welcomes transwomen, agender, bigender, and non-binary folks! If you have any questions please feel free to email us or stop by the discord to talk to our community and see if it’s right fit for you.

I’m not Queer/LGBT+ but I am a cis woman, can I still join?

While we strive to be inclusive, the goal of this network is to help specifically queer/LGBT+ women and nonbinary people connect with each other. If you are a straight cisgender woman looking for a network of other women who stream, check out the lovely Girlstreamers channel.

I’m a queer woman/nonbinary person who streams and I’d like to join the network, where do I go?

Just follow this link! We have two general requirements to join.

  1. We require that you have at least two (2) recent VODs on your channel for the application. Recent means within the last two (2) weeks.
  2. We require you to be active in our Discord for a time prior to accepting your application. If your application is not approved, it doesn’t mean you cannot apply again!

I’m a queer woman who plays games but I don’t stream, where do I go?

If you’d like to join the discord then click here!

If you just want to watch awesome streams then head over to our twitch channel, or check out our directory, or follow us on twitter to get notifications about streams and other things relevant to your interests!