Community Twitch Mod Program

The Community Twitch Mod Program is designed to help our community by providing a list of pre-approved community members who are in good standing with the QWG and who can help moderate QWG streamer’s channels. Its also a great opportunity for our non-streaming members to get more involved with the community and help us create and maintain the same inclusive, caring atmosphere that we have in our discord server over in our streamer’s chats.

Requirements to become a Community Twitch Mod: * Must have been a member of the discord community for at least 2 weeks * Must be active in the discord community (speak relatively regularly) * Must be in good standing in the discord community (no warnings or timeouts) * Must be willing to be active in QWG streamer’s chats * Must be willing to follow the streamers that add you to their channel as mods * Must be willing to follow the streamer’s chat’s rules and enforce them If you meet these requirements and would like to apply, please fill out this form:

“Can streamers be community mods too?”
Yes! If you are willing to be a mod in other streamers channels, you can apply for the CTMP too. “Will I be required to put in a certain amount of hours every day?” No. Being a member of the CTMP means that you are willing to mod in QWG streams, but it doesn’t require you to meet a minimum of volunteer mod hours. The CTMP is designed to help improve the availability of mods for QWG streamers, not to put stress or pressure on our volunteers. Mod when you can, and don’t worry when you can’t.

“What does this mean for me as a streamer?”
The CTMP will provide a list of approved volunteer mods. It’s up to you to add them as mods on your channel should you wish to do so. We also encourage you to reach out via discord DMs to let the person know that you have added them to your channel as a mod, and clarify any rules that you’d like them to follow and enforce in the chat.

“What if I have a problem or incident with one of the approved mods?” Please report any issues or incidents that you might have with a community mod to LadyCadashing. If possible, please provide screenshots or twitch clips of any problematic interactions. Mods found to be breaking a streamer’s rules or the QWG rules will be removed from the mod list, along with a notification about their removal. Further action will be decided depending on the severity of their transgression. It will be the responsibility of other QWG streamers to remove them from their own channel’s mod list after the mod has been removed from the QWG CTMP list.