Queer Women Game is a Twitch network  designed to help connect, support, and promote queer women and nonbinary people who play games and stream. All LGBTQIA+ women and nonbinary people are welcome!

For streamers, joining the network means you are:

  • Invited to join our Twitch Team
  • Placed on the QWG twitch channel autohost list
  • Listed in our Streamer directory
  • Placed on our live announcements list for both the server and twitter pages
  • Granted the Streamer role on our Discord server
  • Granted access to the streamers-only channels on the server
  • And granted access to the streamer voice channels on the server

As a network we are also committed to growing our community so that we can provide even more services in the future.

For non-streamers, joining the community means you:

  • Gain access to a supportive network of queer women who game
  • Gain Regular status after 1 week of posting
  • Regulars can join streamers in the VC when invited for multiplayer games
  • Regulars also have access to their own voice chat rooms for non-streaming use

Please note there’s no application required to join the community. Just use our discord invite link to join!

The hope of QWG for both streamers and non-streamers is that they will form connections and friendships in the network and help support and promote each other both on Twitch and off. While QWG will strive to do our best to foster this community, ultimately it is up to YOU and your participation to help us build a strong network of queer women and nonbinary people who game. We ask that if you join, please consider helping the community to grow by talking about it with other queer women and nonbinary people, displaying the streamer badge with a link to our channel on your channel profile, and joining us for conversation and gaming in our Discord server.